Jul 16, 2014

Our business philosophy is very simple...

The NAL Financial Team is located in Newport Beach, California and proudly serves homeowners and homebuyers throughout California and Colorado.

We believe the key to our success has always rested on three main principles: honesty, timeliness, and competitive pricing.

As mortgage brokers, we are able to offer our clients a variety of products, which helps us achieve our ultimate goal: matching each client with the right loan.

We are primarily a referral-based business. Most of our clients are referrals from our existing client base, family, and friends. Many are referrals from legal, taxation, family planning, insurance, and investment professionals. Working together we help our mutual clients achieve their financial goals. Our business philosophy is simple: do a lot of loans at a fair price and earn many referrals in the process.

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Once we have earned our clients’ business, we strive to become their trusted mortgage advisor for life. Through consistent application of our database, we stay in touch on a regular basis, advising our clients on how to best help them build real estate wealth, adding true value to the relationship. In the long term, we provide the client with a “one-stop shop” for all current market trends and professional services referrals. We view ourselves as a trusted financial advisor, providing our partners and clients with so much value that they consider us to be an integral part of their lives.


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