Alex Scurr

Alex got his start in the mortgage business in 2011. It was around this time that many of his childhood friends were building their families and starting to look for houses. Alex realized there was a career opportunity available to him where he could be challenged mentally while also helping out his friends and family.

He was introduced to the mortgage business by Nick Louis, who as a friend and now mentor, has helped guide him to where he is today. Prior to NAL Financial, Alex worked with the City of Newport Beach as an ocean lifeguard. His job on the beach kept him busy during the summer months while he finished his business degree at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.

As expected, he is challenged at work daily with fluctuating interest rates, unique client scenarios, and ever-changing market conditions. These challenges are welcomed and the experience is rewarding when Alex can help his clients call a new home their own. Outside of work, Alex enjoys surfing, golfing and traveling.